Monday, April 25, 2011

peeking through the window...

 Not only is the inside of Old Creamery Antiques packed with really cool stuff, just take a peek through this window at what waits outside in the enclosed 'garden' area.  All sorts of unique statuary, wrought iron, barn yard finds, weathered fencing...too much to even mention it all.  So whether you like it rough or refined, you'll find it all as you browse through the entirety of the store.

Just follow these yellow footsteps and they will lead you to the door of the garden area.  And don't forget to look to the left and to the right as you're passing through.  It's only a short distance of about 30', but it could easily take you an hour to check out everything tucked here and there in display cases, under benches, on top of shelves.  This place definitely has it's PHD...Pile it Higher and Deeper!

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