Sunday, May 8, 2011

This is a bright cheery room with lots of natural light coming in through the big windows.  Even the window space is utilitzed for displaying unusual railroad lamps, kerosene lamps and well, anything that will hang.  When you get to this area, you're only about half way through the don't stop here!

At Old Creamery, it's Christmas all year round.  These two rooms are full of vintage Christmas ornaments, lighted trees and hand crafted primitive creations.   There are also specialty toys under the tree, ready to delight any child.

   At this point, we're rounding the corner and ready to head back to the front of the store.  More yellow footprints will help retrace your steps.  Don't worry, everyone surfaces sooner or later, no lost customers reported so far.  We hope you've enjoyed the tour and will visit the store in person in the near future.  Come experience great Amish cooking, flea markets and fun family venues that the area affords.

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