Monday, March 28, 2011

Willie...the real boss!

This is Brenda and her mighty wonder dog, Willie.  Brenda is responsible for the great displays seen throughout the store.  Willie is the designated greeter.  His favorite spot is lying on the counter so he won't miss a thing that's going on.  Although he's been to obedience school, he still has a few things to learn.  But mostly, he's a good boy. 

These are the big yellow steps that lead down to the lower level of the antique mall.  From here, you can browse through 12 additional rooms of great antiques.   The store has everything from retro to primitive to eclectic, plus catagories that as of yet have no 'handle'.  Each room was originally an integral part of the old creamery.  The store has been fortunate to collect several pictures from the early years of operations as a creamery.  Be sure to ask Keith to show them to you when you stop in!

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