Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another new display...

Antique dealers, Terry and Jan Hartzler, have recently expanded their domain at Old Creamery.  With the aquisition of another space (rightfully dubbed Just Jan), they have filled it with beautiful vintage jewelry, linens and art.  As you step through the front door, it's a toss up as to which way to look first.  But we guarantee you, you'll find something to absolutely adore and take home with you!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

come on...pick up!

What could be a more perfect display item for a guy who loves car stuff, oil stuff, all stuff?  This pair of old car ramps were recently found at a thrift store and snatched up almost immediately.  They would've been snatched up sooner if 'guy who loves car stuff' would've replied to message about whether he wanted his 'picker' to buy them for him or not.  but he finally did...and they were.

  While not complete, it's looking like it was just the thing to make yet another, unique display at Old Creamery.  Not sure what happened to the other one, but more than likely the 'guy who loves car stuff' has it hidden away in his back room.  He does that alot.  He thinks no one notices.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

This is a bright cheery room with lots of natural light coming in through the big windows.  Even the window space is utilitzed for displaying unusual railroad lamps, kerosene lamps and well, anything that will hang.  When you get to this area, you're only about half way through the don't stop here!

At Old Creamery, it's Christmas all year round.  These two rooms are full of vintage Christmas ornaments, lighted trees and hand crafted primitive creations.   There are also specialty toys under the tree, ready to delight any child.

   At this point, we're rounding the corner and ready to head back to the front of the store.  More yellow footprints will help retrace your steps.  Don't worry, everyone surfaces sooner or later, no lost customers reported so far.  We hope you've enjoyed the tour and will visit the store in person in the near future.  Come experience great Amish cooking, flea markets and fun family venues that the area affords.

Monday, April 25, 2011

peeking through the window...

 Not only is the inside of Old Creamery Antiques packed with really cool stuff, just take a peek through this window at what waits outside in the enclosed 'garden' area.  All sorts of unique statuary, wrought iron, barn yard finds, weathered fencing...too much to even mention it all.  So whether you like it rough or refined, you'll find it all as you browse through the entirety of the store.

Just follow these yellow footsteps and they will lead you to the door of the garden area.  And don't forget to look to the left and to the right as you're passing through.  It's only a short distance of about 30', but it could easily take you an hour to check out everything tucked here and there in display cases, under benches, on top of shelves.  This place definitely has it's PHD...Pile it Higher and Deeper!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Willie...the real boss!

This is Brenda and her mighty wonder dog, Willie.  Brenda is responsible for the great displays seen throughout the store.  Willie is the designated greeter.  His favorite spot is lying on the counter so he won't miss a thing that's going on.  Although he's been to obedience school, he still has a few things to learn.  But mostly, he's a good boy. 

These are the big yellow steps that lead down to the lower level of the antique mall.  From here, you can browse through 12 additional rooms of great antiques.   The store has everything from retro to primitive to eclectic, plus catagories that as of yet have no 'handle'.  Each room was originally an integral part of the old creamery.  The store has been fortunate to collect several pictures from the early years of operations as a creamery.  Be sure to ask Keith to show them to you when you stop in!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Meet the Hartzlers...

Before we head down the big yellow steps, let me introduce you to Terry and Jan Hartzler, two of Old Creamery's original dealers.   They have expanded their 'territory' into two separate spaces on the main floor...sort of His and Hers.  Jan specializes in the 'softer side' of fine antiques. She has beautiful vintage jewelry, purses, crystal, glassware and more.  And even more amazing are their prices, very affordable for the quality and uniquessness of their items!

Terry specializes more in the 'outdoorsy, guy' kind of antiques.  You can find them in the store every Wednesday along with their fluffy side kick, Cookie.  They are constantly adding to and changing up their displays.  If you're wanting something out of the ordinary, these are the 2 people you want to see.  And don't miss their vintage candy display with all the candy and candy bars you remember as a kid!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First Impressions...

Welcome to the main floor of Old Creamery Antiques!  From the moment you walk in the front door, the obvious uniqueness of this mall begins to grab you.  After all, who else has old springs hanging everywhere from the ceiling?  But then...spring IS in the air!  You will find a wonderful mix of rusty prims, retro, home spun collectibles, pedal cars, mannequins, and, well...that's just the beginning.  After you've finished browsing through the multiple booth displays on the main floor, it's time to head for the big yellow steps that lead to the lower level.  But don't rush, take your won't want to miss a thing!  Come back later for more exploring...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Turn this vehicle around...

For serious antique lovers, drive by's are NOT gonna happen.  There need to be traffic signs posted in either direction of Old Creamery Antiques that say SUDDEN STOPS!  SUDDEN U-TURNS!  The fun begins even before entering the store.  Here we are all decked out for fall with pumpkins, bittersweet, wreaths and the blue "Come and Get It" sale tent...lovingly called "The Big Top".  With bargains galore for everyone, inside and out, be sure to make Old Creamery Antiques a destination!  Join us in upcoming posts for a trek through the store...and bring a pair of comfy shoes!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Opening Day...

Old Creamery Antiques opened it's doors for business after many months of building renovations on June 1, 2008.  Over the years, several different businesses have occupied the building originally known as Middlebury Creamery Co Op..thus the name chosen for the new antique store.

Be sure to check back often for more pictures and postings!